Cardeux Nel

Physiotherapist & Founder
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Cardeux’s main interest has been sports from an incredibly young age. She has represented South Africa in field hockey and karate and got her blackbelt at 13 years old. Her high level of sports helped her understand the importance of physio and this led her to pursue a career in helping others.

Once Cardeux graduated from her honors in physio, she went on to work with the Springboks in the lead up to the 2015 Rugby World Cup, South African provincial hockey teams, Perth Glory football team, en route for the Comrades Marathon for 4 consecutive years and trail races around Hong Kong.

Cardeux’s treatment is focused on exercise, education, and a holistic therapy approach. As a keen trail runner, she specializes in performing full running assessments, both clinical and video. She has years of experience treating skiers and snowboarders recovering from ACL, MCL and meniscus injuries. She has also rehabbed her own knee through the previously mentioned injuries.

Cardeux spends her time off continuing to pursue sports-related endeavors. She enjoys trail running, wake surfing, wakeboarding, squash and plays premier league field hockey.

Jessica Douglas-Withers

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Jess is musculoskeletal physiotherapist from New Zealand with a post graduate diploma in Sports Physio. 


Jess has worked in private practice and supported multiple rugby teams. Whilst she is currently a skier, she spent her childhood riding and competing with horses and is currently working on a post graduate qualification in Veterinary Physio. 


Jess’ treatment style is a balance of hands-on techniques and exercise prescription, equipping you to manage your injury with ease.

Seth Chambers

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Seth is a New Zealand born and trained physiotherapist. He has a broad range of musculoskeletal experience, having worked both in the private practice setting and alongside several different sports teams including premier grade rugby and football. He has experience in dealing with knee injuries such as ACL, MCL and meniscal tears, through his work in a specialist knee and lower limb clinic.


Seth has been an avid skier all his life and has been involved in many other sporting codes, such as football and Muay Thai. He also enjoys strength training, running, and hiking. Through these disciplines he has dealt with many injuries himself, so he knows what it takes to get your physical and mental wellbeing back on track.


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Kayden has a love for sports . His experience as a student basketball athlete led him to initially study exercise and health. To further his scope of

practice, he went on to study physiotherapy, with a goal to help people stay injury free. 


Kayden has international work experience (United Kingdom, Tanzania, and Hong Kong) and is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. 


Exercise, education and myofascial release are Kayden’s main treatment focuses. His training in strength and conditioning compliments his comprehensive therapeutic approach to treating all types of athletes. 

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